Monday, December 19, 2011

Snowy Goodness

This past weekend we headed up to the mountain with our friends Kelly and Matt and their baby girl, Bella.  Thanks to Kelly and Matt and their awesome trailer, we could all ski with the babes in tow.  
On the trail
Wonderful family
When we first bundled and loaded up the babies, they were a bit skeptical about the experience.
"What's wrong?"
"Yeah, you're right. This stinks."
Bella decides she'll go along, but she's not going to be happy about it.
Our reward -- Mt Hood at Trillium Lake
As much as I loved taking Isaac out for his first snow adventure, I think my favorite part of the day was getting out for a real play day with Matthew.  Those days seem few and far between now.

We also took Isaac on his first park outing on Sunday.
This kid likes to be in motion!