Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ice Ice Baby

The lovely snow day that we had last week turned into the dreadful ice storm of 2012.  After getting 7-12 inches of snow (depending on elevation) in town on Wednesday, we were greeted by freezing rain on Thursday.   All of the fluffy snow became hard-packed ice.
Freezing temps stuck around all day Thursday and through the night.  On Friday everything was a solid sheet of ice, including what was once snow on the ground.  

Many folks lost power during the storm, some for days.  We were fortunate not to lose ours.  Large limbs fell out of trees all over town, in some cases crashing onto cars and houses.  Entire trees came down as well.  The large beautiful tree I use to gaze upon out my kitchen window did not fare so well in the storm.

The tree toppled over at about 11am Friday morning while I was standing in my kitchen.  Somehow, I totally missed the show though!  Less than 30 minutes later, the city was there to clean it up--impressive!  Isaac was quite entertained watching the clean up.  I loved my friend's comment, "And thus begins his fascination with large yellow machines."  This is probably true as he seems to be all boy.

The above picture shows my new view out the kitchen window.  Now I look at the side of a condo building.  I miss the old view.

The icy conditions and overhead falling-limbs hazard made it seemingly dangerous to even go walking outside.  At least, we weren't willing to do so with the baby in tow. So, other than Matt venturing out to get diapers, we were house bound Thursday afternoon until Saturday afternoon.  By the time the thawing began on Saturday, we were so stir crazy that we walked downtown in the rain just to get out of the house!

Being cooped up inside made for lots of time to take baby pictures.  The pictures below are a good representation of just how busy Isaac is these days.  He is usually very intent on playing and exploring and doesn't like to slow down for a bit.  This is why diaper changes have turned into 20 minute play sessions.  Each step of the undressing, undiapering, rediapering, and redressing process has to be squeezed in between some sort of mission.  When I have nothing pressing to do, I just let him play.....

P.S. To Isaac's loving grandmothers who thought that he shouldn't have wooden blocks to play with, please note that the blocks in the pictures that appear to be wooden are actually foam. :)