Tuesday, January 31, 2012

B is for Books and Blocks

Back when the weather was so cold (a couple of weeks ago), Isaac and I went to the library one afternoon as an escape from the house.  Our library has a very nice kids' section that includes a large open area stocked with toys.

This is good since Isaac's trips to the library might be less about reading books and more about chewing on things, at least for a while.

He sure puts things in his mouth with gusto!

I am quite pleased that the kids' section is set apart completely from the rest of the library and that play seems to be encouraged.  This way, when Isaac is pounding a wood block on the chair and yelling loudly, I do not feel too guilty that we might be disturbing other patrons.

 "Wonder what all these books are about?"

Sometimes the wide-legged stance is the most functional.

And that completes another oh-so-thrilling glimpse into our lives! Love to all you grands, friends, and other family that enjoy soaking up all this baby goodness as much as we do.

P.P.S. Dear grandmothers, see how much he loves wooden blocks?