Wednesday, March 14, 2012

10 Months

Our precious boy is 10 months old today.

There are so many exciting things going on in his world.

He just learned how to put his stacking rings on the peg.
  It takes A LOT of concentration to do so, and when it's done, we celebrate!

 He just got his very first truck and loves driving it around.

Some days Isaac accompanies me while I work at Tom's bike shop....

where he is not supposed to touch the expensive bikes.

On another note, Isaac has started going to a music class each week.
 He thinks the instruments are mostly for chewing on.

This is Isaac totally infatuated with Miss Molly, the teacher.
Gettin' his groove on.

How many cheeks?
 And one last pic for good measure because who couldn't use more naked baby pictures in their life?

Happy 10 months Love!