Tuesday, March 13, 2012

To Walk or Not To Walk

Matthew and I have made a bet whether or not Isaac will be walking before he turns one (which is only 2 months away--yikes!).  Matt says he will; I say he won't.  When I tell this to friends who see Isaac on a regular basis, they laugh at me and say I will definitely lose.  So I feel I should explain my stance.  Isaac is so mobile and comfortable crawling that for a while he seemed to show little interest in trying to get around on his feet.  Some other babies his age love to hold on to an adult's fingers and walk with assistance.  Not Isaac.  When I've tried doing this with him, he immediately drops down to his knees and takes off.  Thus, when I made this bet with Matthew, I thought Isaac was going to be happy crawling for a long time.  Now I fear I might be doomed to losing.  Lately Isaac is showing a propensity for moving on his feet. One of his new favorite activities is pushing the kitchen and dining room chairs around the room while walking.  He also has started holding on to our legs and walking forward as we walk backwards.  Looks like Matthew might be enjoying that night out that we wagered.

Chair Scoot 3.7.12 from Julie Anderson on Vimeo.

Just for fun, here's another recent video of the little guy.  See what I mean--see how quick he is crawling?

3.1.12 from Julie Anderson on Vimeo.