Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Beautiful Morning

This pic is not from my walk this morning, but it is from last evening's bike ride.  Close enough. :)
This morning my walk included:
-- meeting and conversing with my very pleasant mail carrier
-- chatting with a cowboy perched high on his horse while his partner rode across the sage land to round up cattle
-- visiting a national historic landmark
-- soaking in views of the Wind River, Wyoming, and Gros Ventre Mountains
-- being adopted by a neighborhood dog who enjoyed the walk with us (all the way to our home)
-- sharing all these delights with my sweet son

I never imagined myself living this rural life in the Rocky Mt west (well, okay, I guess I had entertained the thought before but didn't really think it would actually happen someday), and I gotta say, I'm quite liking it.

A more in depth blog about all the numerous happenings of the last month to come soon....