Thursday, July 05, 2012

4th of July Wyoming Style

Our first July 4th in Wyoming.  We celebrated in style . . . sort of.  Isaac's bib (thanks Bethany!) was the closest to red, white, and blue that any of us thought to put on.

 First event of the day: Isaac's (and mama's) first rodeo.

I was secretly hoping he was only mildly interested,

because I don't ever want to watch him doing this.

I am reassured.  He seems to think it looks like questionable behavior.

After the rodeo, it was on to Pinedale's 4th celebration at the beautiful park right in downtown.

This is lovely Pine Creek that flows through the park and town.  Yes, you would be correct if you thought Matt and Isaac might have spent some time in the water.

 Isaac seems to feel the same way about the picnic as he did the rodeo.

Very first popsicle.

And his very first Oreo ever.  Later for dessert, he had some scrumptious homemade cake.  What happened to mom and dad's better judgement this day?

Not a great picture, but I'm in it!

Isaac made a couple of new friends--two 7-month old girls, to be exact.  Matt and I made new friends also but have no pics of them.  When babies are around, you often forget to take pictures of the adults.

Happy July 4th!