Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grand Teton National Park Jaunt

Last weekend we made a trip to the Tetons.  Getting from our doorstep to the campsite took a mere 1.5 hours.  It's pretty exciting to be so close to such amazing beauty!  I had been to the Tetons as a young adult, but this was Matt's first visit, as well as Isaac's, of course.  It was fun to experience it together as a family.

We pulled into Jenny Lake campground, which sits at the base of the grand peaks, on Saturday morning at about 10:30.  We couldn't believe we had our pick of sites! We perused them all to find the best.  For Isaac, the campsite was one giant sandbox.  He was in heaven.

It made for one dirty baby.  Cleaning him up was pointless, so we only did it at crucial times (i.e. bedtime).

Here's how Isaac feels about camping . . . he LOVES it.

We enjoyed a lovely hike to Hidden Falls, along with a few hundred other tourists.

Isaac does great in the backpack, but he definitely enjoys his time out of it also.

This is a common face these days.

Our hike continued on to Inspiration Point. That's Grand Teton in the background of the above pic.

The next day we enjoyed a nice leisurely morning at camp.

You probably don't want to try what this guy is serving up for breakfast.

Master fire builder and chef.

Give him something to climb on, and he is happy, happy.


River baby.

While Dad fished, Isaac and I hung out in the water.

We didn't see a moose, so I guess we'll have to go back.