Monday, October 15, 2012

Nana and Grandpa's Progressive Visit

We just spent a great week with Nana and Grandpa!  They came to visit under the guise of helping us move across town.  We know their real motivation was getting to spend time with Isaac.  Regardless, their help made for a smooth transition from one house to another.  And really, between all of Steve's work gathering, hauling, and cutting firewood and Mary's work cleaning the entire house we vacated and doing all the laundry at the new house, I'd say they shouldered most of the burden.  They set us up well for our first winter in Wyoming.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

The work begins.  Loading firewood at the old house--Isaac was thrilled to help out.

This is only one stage of many in the wood gathering process.  Matt and Steve spent a day in the woods cutting wood to about 8' lengths.  Those were piled in our yard where Steve then cut them into the rounds you see here.  The next stage was splitting each round and then stacking all the pieces.  We let Steve off the hook for that part.  I've never had wood heat before, and I am loving it.  Thank you, Steve!!! 

Isaac insisted that Nana hold him by the window to watch Grandpa working with the chainsaw.


They did drive two whole days to get here.  We had to have some fun, so we hiked at Half Moon Lake.


                            Stone throwing contest.                                    Matthew declares himself winner.

We cherish the time we get to spend with you and wish it wasn't so little.  Thanks for being here with us.  We miss you!!

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