Sunday, June 30, 2013

Flowers and Fish

I'm a little behind on getting summer pictures posted.  I have a feeling I'm going to be playing catch up all summer.  Here's to getting started . . .

In early June we enjoyed a beautiful Saturday full of good summer fun.  Isaac and I spent the morning with the garden club to help plant the barrels that get placed all around town for the summer.  Overflowing with vibrant flowers, the barrels truly add beauty to town.  I was excited to help plant them since I enjoyed them so much last summer.  While I planted, Isaac played outside with his buddy Arabella, thanks to her awesome dad, Roy, who was willing to be on baby duty the whole time.  After the planting, Isaac and I headed over to the CCC ponds to join Dad for the Kids' Fishing Day that he was helping run.  Matt took Isaac fishing, and he lasted about 10 minutes.  He mostly liked being at the event with lots of people and playing with a toy truck he found.  The busy day was a great start to summer!

flowers galore!
happy planters, Arlinda and Kari

Isaac and Arabella
black-eyed beauty
with Dad in his official FS attire
heading to the pond
the fam

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