Thursday, July 17, 2014

Horse Creek

One of the things we love about living in Pinedale is having access to an endless number of cool spots within an hour drive.  This past weekend, it was Horse Creek in the Wyoming Range that we chose to explore.

Our view from camp
We camped on a nice little flat bench overlooking a bend in Horse Creek.  We spent a lot of time down at the creek fishing (guess who?), playing in the mud (guess who?), throwing rocks, and soaking up sunshine.  We also hiked the creek for a while, crossing from rock bank to rock bank as we made our way downstream.  The braver soul in our family even took a quick dunk in the icy water.  He takes after his dad.

 The wildflowers were in full splendor.

 That's our camp nestled in the trees at the end of the two-track road.

Can you tell they're brothers?

 The camper provides a cozy mid-day retreat from the intense sun.

Sunday morning, we hiked the Horse Creek trail and enjoyed more beauty.

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