Thursday, January 22, 2015

Skiing 201

Before this winter season began, Matt and I talked about whether or not we should invest in ski passes and ski gear.  We were fairly skeptical that Isaac would get into it and thus thought our time at the local ski area would be limited.  Instead, we have been pleasantly surprised by Isaac's enthusiasm and natural ability for skiing. As it turns out, we spend one day every weekend up on the mountain.  Guess we should have bought the passes back when they were cheap!

Our family days at the ski hill have been awesome.  They have become the highlight of our weeks during these long, cold winter days in which we are often sequestered inside.  For me, and I think for all of us, they have come to represent an outdoor cleansing and recharge for the soul.  I look forward to it every week and relish our time there.

There she is, our local ski hill, White Pine.

Looking down to the lodge.

 Going up

Coming down

Getting in his groove

Perfect time for an M&M refueling

 Isaac is really enjoying skiing!

And he's doing awesome! We are really proud of him for trying and learning something new,
and we are tickled at how much he enjoys it.

Here he is shreddin' the gnar:

Although Cade and I spend a lot of time in close proximity to the lodge--whether hanging out with friends, or Dad, Isaac, and Uncle Steve during lunch breaks, sledding, or just soaking up sun--we always go for our own ski also.  Our version of skiing is a little more tame as we stick to the cross country trails.  Caden benefits from a sweet, luxurious ride in a sled that I pull; hence, I don't go very fast.  He usually sleeps through the whole event.

 My buddy for the day.

Even lodge rats have some fun.

This is not a sad boy.  I was trying to capture his awesome eyes in the good light.  I think I caught him mid-chew.  Aren't his eyes cool?

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