Sunday, August 26, 2012

Little Drummer Boy

Drummin' with Daddy
Isaac has become a little rocker.  The trend began with "playing" the guitar which involves most often a small guitar puzzle piece, but any object will suffice, while swaying or head thrashing and "singing".  

Jamming on the bike pump guitar
Sometimes he gets to jam with Dad on the real guitar:

Since mastering the guitar, Isaac has moved on to drumming.  Whether we're hiking, hanging at home, or playing at the beach, he finds two sticks and drums away on rocks, sand, logs, or any surface, really.  He also air drums quite frequently.  This involves vigorously pumping his arms up and down accompanied by sounds of beating drums and crashing symbols.  

When this drumming obsession seemed not to be going away, we did what any loving parents would do.  We bought him a percussion set.  I know, you're probably thinking this is the gift aunts, uncles, and grandparents are supposed to find great pleasure in bestowing upon our household.  We have preemptively stolen your thunder -- sorry!  We just couldn't wait any longer to get some real drumsticks in this kid's hands.  Hopefully we won't regret it!

Little Drummer 8.23.12 from Julie Anderson on Vimeo.

Matt and I are not the most musically gifted people.  We might not be able to further Isaac's talent, but we'll do what we can to encourage his love of music!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Fork Lake Hike

Last weekend we hiked along the New Fork Lake Trail in the Wind River Mountains, our home mountain range.  I had hiked the trail just days before with a friend while Matthew was at work.  I enjoyed it so much, I couldn't wait to take him, and I knew Isaac wouldn't mind going again.

 This hike is great for many reasons.  From our house, the drive to the trailhead is less than 30 minutes.  The trail provides scenic beauty from the beginning and becomes more gorgeous the further you hike.  A narrow beach on the lake's eastern shore is the perfect spot for a rest, lunch, or sand and water play.  Like all the trails here, it's not crowded.  In fact, it feels rather secluded.  The trail is not strenuous and can be enjoyed without too much effort.

On our way in, we didn't stop at the beach because we were drawn to the deep canyon that lies beyond the lake.  I had only gone as far as the lake's shore on my previous visit, and I was anxious to get a closer look at the granite ridges that beckoned us onward.

Of course, with a babe in tow, we have to stay on the conservative side of adventure.  This means being mindful to turn around long before a break down might occur.  Hiking several miles out with a very unhappy baby does not seem like fun.

We hiked about a mile and a half beyond the lake and decided to stop at this spot overlooking the New Fork River.  While enjoying the views, we ate lunch and watched Isaac drum on rocks with sticks (his latest obsession).  We soon joined him and had a pretty good drum line going as we all three jammed--with superb rhythm and synchronization, I'm sure.  :)

The hike made for a wonderful day spent together!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Sunday, August 05, 2012


Julie He (hee) and Julie Hu (huh) reunited after too many years!

Julie, my childhood best friend, and her awesome husband Joel celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss. :)

What a truly special visit this was!  It had been 10 years since seeing each other last at Julie and Joel's wedding and even longer since having had true hang-out time together.  Next time will have to be much sooner and include the Young kiddos.  Thanks for letting us crash your anniversary trip! :)