Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Arkansas, Before It Was Home

I am just discovering this old entry that I began and never posted.  It appears I got pictures set but never added comments.  I might as well post it now.  This was the last trip we made to Winslow as out-of-state visitors.  It was May 2016.  We moved to Arkansas later that year in August.
 This is how I announced our move on social media:

"Matt and I both moved out west, independently of each other, 15 years ago. We sought adventure and new experiences. We have lived most of those 15 years together exploring and living the stuff that dreams are made of. Our western experience marks a huge, significant chunk of our lives. Now with 9 years of marriage, two kids, and tons of adventure under our belts, this chapter draws to a close. We will miss dearly the friends who have become family and the places that have inspired us, but we look forward to the next chapter with great anticipation. And so here it is…. Matt has accepted a position with the Ozark-St. Francis National Forest in Arkansas. We are moving back home to the woods and land where Matt grew up and to the hardwood forests that have a certain comforting familiarity for me. We are excited and thrilled to set out on this new adventure with our boys and to raise them close to family. We’ll be moving in early August, just in time for Isaac to start kindergarten in his brand new school. The next time you see us, we will probably have melted into a puddle, so be sure to splash in and say hi!"

I do remember that we were relishing this warm, green moment of spring while thinking about the snow that was falling back in Pinedale.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Isaac is 6!

When I look back at the pictures from Isaac's birthday one year ago (here), it makes me sad 
to miss our Pinedale peeps, but I am so grateful we had a great group of new friends 
to help Isaac celebrate his 6th birthday.  
Happy Birthday in your new home, Zeek.  We love you!

Isaac wanted a boys-only sports party, and that's what he had.
It was a lovely day in our yard filled with soccer, basketball, sandbox, pinata, 
and a small herd of little boys.

"I'll show you"

candy scramble

do the dab


Blitzen's turn




Messy Mouth

cool new shades from Elam


awesome kiddos

fidget spinners.....THE new craze

showing off his new talent

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Isaac Plays Soccer

We have had such a fun soccer season with Isaac!

This is his third season to play and first time in Russellville with the
Arkansas Valley Soccer Association.
It has been a positive experience for Isaac, his teammates, and us parents.
Isaac and his teammates have improved so much over the course of the season.
It seems they are finally "getting it".  Whereas they started the season playing amoeba style--
as one group pulsing around the ball up and down the field--
now they spread out, kick the ball, and run with it.  
They even pass to one another occasionally.
It's fun to watch.

In the last couple of games, things seemed to have really clicked for Isaac.
He's going for the ball and has even started making goals.
He scored 4 goals in this game!

It's so cool to see him gaining confidence
and getting in on the action.

 There he is right in the mix. 
This was not our son three games ago.

The driving force behind this great season of play is our Coach, Richard Payne.
 He is a great coach.  He challenges the kids but makes sure it's fun and is always encouraging.
We are grateful for the time, energy, and patience he gives to these kids.
He is truly the reason the season has been so enjoyable.

Richard's two youngest children, twins Ben and Caroline, are on our team.
That's Ben throwing in the ball in the above two pictures.

 Coach gets the team lined up for the kick.

 Sebastian kicks it in.

 "Which way are we going??"

High fives for good team work!

Coaching and texting....
When you have 6 children of your own and are coaching four soccer teams, 
multitasking is sometimes required.

 Ben the aspiring coach, like his Dad.

 Go, Ben!

 Good hustle!  Isaac going for it.

Taking it down the field.

High fives for another goal scored!!

 Sebastian showing his moves.

"Good game, good game."

See that adorable girl on the team?
That's Caroline, Ben's twin sister and coach's daughter.
This U6 boys team would not have been complete without her.
She and her pink cleats added spunk to the team.

"Go Cheetah Backs!"