Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Very Special Visit

Back in August, we had a most wonderful visit from these amazing ladies.

As always, we were thrilled to have Gran here with us.  Isn't she cute?!
And her visit this time around included an added bonus...

Aunt Trisha!!

My dear, sweet Aunt who I hadn't seen in 8 years--since my wedding--made the trek out to Wyoming.
It was wonderful to spend quality time with her and to share with her my family and my home.
I can't thank you enough for making the trip out, Aunt Trisha.  What a special week it was to have my mom and my favorite Aunt here with me.  I can't wait for the next time!!

This was Aunt Trisha's first time meeting my boys
and getting to spend any significant time with Matt.  Of course, they all loved her.
Caden was downright smitten, I'd say.  He still asks for ice to eat on a regular basis.
Thank you, Aunt Trisha.

As one might imagine, we did a lot of hanging out and facilitating boys romping.
A highlight was the mama-and-baby-moose viewing right from our kitchen window.
Gran finally believes me that they really do hang out in our neighborhood.

While I seem to have taken plenty of pictures of two particular little boys,
I didn't get a lot of pictures of mom and Aunt Trisha, or myself, or Matt,
for that matter.  (There are actually no pics of him during the visit.)
Alas, here are some of the pictures we did manage to snap during the week.
By no means do they capture the sweetness of days spent with family or the fullness of my heart.
Enjoy them nonetheless!

It's not called Radio Flyer for nothing.


This was Isaac trying really hard to be a loving big brother.  Caden thought it was a little much.
I was ecstatic they were standing together for a picture.
(The adorable shirts were made by Aunt Trisha.)


Tuckered out.

We had one kidless afternoon to enjoy a hike at New Fork Lake.

Back in Jackson for their departure, we made Aunt Trisha take a picture with the sign, despite the poor weather and minimal visibility of the mountains.  Oh well, guess she'll have to come back.

She seems a little more willing to do the obligatory antler arch photo.

Could they be sisters?

Soaking up the last of Gran's sugar. :(


After we said our good-byes, these two were unstoppable in their endeavor
to soak up the Jackson night life.  Turns out, they make pretty good travel companions.

Two thumbs up all around! Let's do it again!

Monday, September 07, 2015

Labor Day Camping

Over the weekend, we camped on the east side of the Winds near Lander.
It was great fun to explore a new area
and to play in the woods with good friends.

We camped with Paul and his boys in a most perfect spot
(after the wind and dust drove us out of our first pick).
Unfortunately, Becca didn't get to join us since she
is out on a fire assignment.



These boys played SO hard all weekend and had a blast.
It's amazing how much fun can be had on one little plot of ground
in the woods.

There was a lot of bike riding.

The littlest one getting in on the action.

Loooots of effort, little progress.

There was rock hopping.

There was some (very little) chilling.

 And there were rope acrobatics.

Don't worry, Becca.
It was totally safe.

Yeah, sure--
better let the baby have his turn.

Serious appetites were worked up.

Oh, look.  It's me!

 Our camper window was the one casualty of the trip.
We were travelin' classy.

 Pig Soooiieee!!
(Matt's Rebel Yell)

Rebel YELL!
(that one's for Paul)

Back to the rope.

This time it was a team effort.

Arlo is up!

We ended Sunday with a drive down out of the mountains through Sinks Canyon
and into the town of Lander.  There we watched the kids play at the city park
and then ate dinner at the local pizza joint.
After that, we said goodbye to the Swensons as they headed back to Pinedale.

Our foursome drove south out of Lander into the Red Canyon.
We were treated to a beautiful drive through the canyon at dusk before finding
a camp spot perched on a hill overlooking the land we had just covered.

Second camp.

Morning stroll.

When the drive home takes you by this establishment (Farson's only),
how can you not stop, even if it is 10:30 in the morning?

Such a fun weekend!