Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Skiing 101

Isaac's first time skiing.
 We spent all weekend at the ski hill.  
It was so cool watching him learn something new and having so much fun.  

 there's a lot of gear involved

 snow babes

 getting the feel of the skis

 little push from dad

 bigger push from dad

 feeling accomplished

time to head to the top of the slope

 gaining speed

Day 2: Harness employed so dad could tow Isaac up the real ski run.  Isaac wasn't ready to try the chair lift, but on their last run, Matt hauled him all the way up to the top of the lift.  Then Isaac skied all the way down.  Maybe next time he'll spare Dad the hike and use the lift.

 Isaac's biggest supporters

 time to break up the ski action with a little sledding

 back to the top

 sheer enjoyment!