Monday, June 29, 2015

Cliff Creek

Last weekend we checked out yet another awesome spot in Western Wyoming 
within 40 minutes of home.  The Cliff Creek drainage offers a wide, willow-bottom valley
with craggy, wooded ridges all around, spectacular mountain views, a lot of solitude, and 
a lovely hiking/biking trail.
We love exploring these little gems!

Hike along Cliff Creek

 Mountains of the Hoback, Wyoming Range

Matthew got to go for a nice long ride on single track!
He was in heaven.

Looks like he was inspired and feeling artsy.

His ride up Cliff Creek afforded some sweet views.

Hanging at the creek

Isaac busily building a road

Camp dinner

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Yellowstone 2015

On this trip we met up with dear Oregon friends, explored the park's Mammoth Hot Springs and
Artist's Paint Pots, baked in the sun, and owned the KOA playground.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Cruisin' the boardwalks.

 Udine Falls

There must be something very interesting in that hole.


 Technically we were violating the minimum-distance rule, 
but he was on OUR road shoulder.

Hugs for woof-woof.


Artist's Paint Pots

This bubbling, spurting, gurgling mud had all of us,
even Caden, giggling out loud.