Monday, July 08, 2013

The Grand H's Come to Town!

We just wrapped up a lovely visit with Dad, Mary Ellen, and Daniel.  After hitting up Yellowstone for a couple of days, Dad and M.E. joined us in Pinedale for a week.  Daniel managed to sneak away from school to join us for the last few days of the visit. We squeezed a lot of fun into a busy week.  Besides doing our part to support the local Pinedale economy (shopping and eating), we played at the park, played at home, enjoyed the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, celebrated the 4th in Jackson, soaked up sun on the beach, and hiked.  It was a great, relaxing visit.  I think everyone really enjoyed the time together.  I know Isaac was in HEAVEN having his grandparents and Uncle Dan here to spoil him.  He had so much fun playing with them!!

Thanks for making the long trip out and for a wonderful week!!

Stories with Grandma-Me
Swinging--Isaac's favorite park past-time
He insisted on pushing
What do you know--swinging again
He was really into sporting his cap and boots for Gramps and Grandma-Me (appropriate since both were gifts from them)
Playing cars with Grandma-Me

(Isaac refuses to say "one" when he counts.)

Grandma-Me made play dough for Isaac, and then there was a lot of play dough action, like two-hour sittings kind of action.
Rolling dough with Gramps
Serious concentration

On the 4th, we headed to Jackson to pick up Daniel and to enjoy the holiday in the big city.  Matt, Daniel, and I even got to stay in Jackson that night for the free (Old Crow Medicine Show!!) concert while the grandparents took Isaac back home.  That was sweet for us, and they got to watch fireworks out the window with Isaac.  Win win.  

Isaac loved the 4th of July festivities in Teton Village which included playing in the water and dancing to live music.
Water boy

Notice how Isaac so bravely skirts the edge of water.

Getting his groove on

At the beach, digging with Uncle Dan
Lovely Mary Ellen
Last dinner out

Sunday, July 07, 2013

The H's Come to Town!

In late June, the Hethcoxes (Josh, Amy, Nathan, and Lauren) came to visit!  We were thrilled they were willing to make the long trek out to Wyoming.  Isaac loved having quality play time with his cousins and Aunt and Uncle.  Before heading to Pinedale, the H's made a quick trip to Yellowstone and checked out the Tetons a bit.  Then we had a great time hanging out together and showing them our little town.  The week's activities included lots of basketball (for the boys), intense Monopoly and dice games, playing at the PAC (swimming, climbing and more basketball), beach fun, and hiking.  I did a terrible job documenting their time here.  I really only pulled out the camera for the hike. 

Thanks so much for coming out!!! We loved having you.

on the trail
At Sacred Rim--our most frequented hike
Wind River Range
Mr. Nathan
Josh and Amy
love playing in the dirt
bath time silliness
Lauren with Duhgus

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


In mid June we ventured to Yellowstone and met up with the Card family, our Hood River friends who moved to Bozeman, MT about the time we left for Pinedale.  Together we camped for three nights in Canyon Campground and explored some of the park.  This was Matt's first visit to the park.  I visited it with my family when I was in high school.  Some parts of the park seemed familiar, but there was a lot I did not remember.  It was fun to see it again and this time with my boys.  For this trip, we focused our efforts on a small part of the park because we know we will make many return trips.  Plus, doing anything with a 2-year-old means moving in slow gear (and that's not to mention what happens when the whole group includes not just one but three toddlers).  We had a great trip and can't wait to see more of the area.

The first day was COLD.  We had to bundle up in any and all winter gear we had.

The following pictures include a variety of hot springs and geysers around Old Faithful.  (Click on any picture to view them all larger)

Morning Glory Pool
Old Faithful just before eruption
Old Faithful erupting
Old Faithful
aah, nothing like June camping

On day 2, we explored the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  It's beautiful!
Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River
hikers in training
Lower Falls
view of Canyon and Lower Falls from Artist Point
this is probably the most natural, best smiling picture of me and Matt EVER, and then there's Isaac
Nate, Jennie, Everett, and Gavin
Gavin rocks
the whole crew
going down Uncle Tom's Trail (300+ steps) into the Canyon
Lower Falls
lugging the baby back out of the Canyon
S'mores yumminess
we saw a ton of bison, including babies
they are HUGE

And that's all this time around.