Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sacred Rim

This past weekend, we enjoyed a family hike to one of our favorite local spots, Sacred Rim.  A short, easy hike takes you to an amazing view . . . perfect for the little dudes.  It felt great to be out playing in the mountains as a family!

This kid cracks me up these days.

  Hmm...wonder who he takes after.

Isaac was excited to be climbing all the big rocks.

 Caden was excited to be eating a rice cake.

So much cuteness.  I couldn't stop taking his picture.

 Enjoying the view with Dad.

 My crew.

 Isaac hiking with a pole like Mommy and Daddy.

Pretty wildflowers.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dad & M.E. Visit

We were happy to have Dad and Mary Ellen (aka Gramps and Grandma-Me) come out for a visit!  It was Caden's first time meeting these grandparents, other than in utero (he just didn't make it in time for their last visit). Caden warmed to Gramps and Grandma-Me right away, giving them snuggly hugs upon their arrival.   
Their visit was fairly short since they had to squeeze it in between work schedules.  We are so grateful they took the time to make it happen.  Thanks for coming out to see us!!

Isaac LOVES hotels--he thinks they are very cool--so he was pretty stoked to spend some time hanging out in Gramps' and Grandma Me's hotel room.  He even got to spend the night at the hotel, twice.  He is blessed with very patient and tolerant grandparents.

Isaac showed Gramps and Gramdma-Me around the park . . .

 and showed off his mad biking skills.

We enjoyed Sandy Beach for a bit.

Dad's arms are often full
 On their last night here, we wrapped up the visit with a nice dinner at Lakeside Lodge.

 I hope this is not indicative of how most family pictures will go....one (mom) of four cooperating.

That's a little better.
Dad and M.E. made the two-day trek in Dad's fancy, new, "retirement" Corvette, and they say they weren't cramped at all.  It's yet to be known if they'll do it again.  :)  It was fun that they brought it out since Matt and I got to try driving it.  I've never driven such a high-performance vehicle.  I enjoyed the ride for sure, but Dad informed me that I didn't drive it quite as aggressively as my husband.  I think the exact words were that I didn't "tickle it."  Maybe next time...

Monday, August 04, 2014

Caden Flirts

This video is about a month old now, but I'm posting it anyway....it's kind of cute.  My friend Ceca was visiting with her daughter, Mila, who is one month older than Caden.  While they were "playing", Caden started spitting and just couldn't stop.

Caden Impresses from Julie Anderson on Vimeo.

I hope he didn't ruin his chances of Mila being his girlfriend some day.

 Love these girls!