Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mama's Helper

I am slowly working on posting some Christmas and house pictures, but in the meantime, here is a glimpse into our normal . . .

I can hardly wash dishes anymore without Isaac insisting on joining me.  He LOVES taking the dish water from one sink and pouring it into the other.  Washing dishes is kind of a race now -- I have to finish before Isaac disposes of all my water.  

Washing dishes used to be a more relaxing and more efficient process, but I don't mind my little sidekick.  He makes it more enjoyable.

He is growing up too fast!! I don't know where my little baby has gone!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Warm Wishes

Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

Thanks for the beautiful wreath, Sal and Doug.  It is the perfect touch for this year.

We wish all of our friends and family a joyful and peaceful holiday season.

Julie, Matthew, & Isaac

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pinedale Winter

For you, Mom . . . . Images of Pinedale with snow.

Our temporary, two-month home
street view
looking down our street
Isaac saying, "Come on, Mom. Let's go!"
Snow management
Going to get more snow
One of my favorite things about living here is the mountains peeking out all over town
And....more snow

I've never lived in a place where snow sticks around all winter.  So far, it's pretty fun.  The snow is really beautiful on sunny days, especially on the mountains.  Below zero temps might be the thing that makes winter less favorable.  When Matt walked to work this a.m., it was -11.   When Isaac and I ventured out at 10 a.m., it was -2.  By the time we got home at 12:30, it had risen to 14.  I was told this morning that January gets even colder and is usually rough.  We'll see if I'm liking winter then.  Today I barely survived walking about, and Isaac hasn't decided for sure what he thinks of it.  He kind of has a love-hate relationship with the snow.  Although, he's holding up so far.  Thankfully, he is cooperative when it comes to bundling up, but he won't let me put blankets on him in the stroller.  We'll see how long our walking lasts as temps drop even more!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Just Got a Little Sweeter

I have very fond childhood memories of making Christmas cookies with my mom and brother every year.  We always made sugar cookies with powdered sugar icing.  As a kid, I loved the whole process--from making the dough to rolling it out and cutting the cookies and then painstakingly decorating each one to make it the perfect Christmas cookie.  I vividly remember standing in the kitchen chairs (the same ones you see Isaac in) at our counter, raking through the big plastic bag of assorted cookie cutters.  The large Santa, Christmas tree, and candy cane were some of our favorites.  We used green and red icing to cover the cookies and a variety of sprinkles for decoration.  For me, it didn't feel like Christmas until those cookies were made.

I have carried on this ritual into adulthood, but over the last few years, I have been a little disappointed in the results.  The cookies just don't seem to turn out as beautiful as the ones in my childhood memories (I think my standards have changed a bit). So, this year I decided to step it up a notch.  I did a little research to learn how to decorate sugar cookies worthy of being presented as gifts.  My cookie decorating skills just got a lot more sophisticated!  I have blogger Annie to thank for a stellar lesson on the subject.  I had so much fun making these cookies and am quite pleased with the results!

Making these cookies was quite a process, especially between working on a new house and taking care of a sick baby.  I had to complete the numerous steps--make the dough, chill the dough, roll the dough, cut the dough, bake the dough--over multiple days.  And that was just the baking!  Decorating was another whole process but, again, so fun.  

Decorating Step 1:  Pipe an outline

Step 2:  Flood the cookie with the solid background icing
Step 3:  Add embellishment with more piping icing

 I look forward to fully sharing this tradition with Isaac.  I think next year he will be ready to wield a squirt bottle full of icing.  For now, he makes a good taste tester. 

By the way, the cookies are delicious.  :)

Sweet holidays to you!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Pinedale Christmas

Last night we enjoyed the Pinedale Christmas parade.  We went over to our friends' Thea and Ty's house for a potluck and parade-watching.  Their house is right on Pine Street on a primo parade-watching corner.  It was a fun way to bring in the holidays!

Some of the parade goers in front of Thea's house
Cora and Oz, gracious hosts
My two faves
All bundled up
 It finally feels like the Pinedale winter we have heard so much about.  Winter started out very mild, but Friday night we got several inches of snow and temperatures dropped.  During the parade, it was 3 degrees, and on our walk home later that evening, it was -4 degrees.  Hello winter!

  Isaac loved the parade.  He had this mesmerized look on his face the whole time.

My two favorite businesses in town--The Outdoor Shop and Brew Pub--made for a nice backdrop
Happy Holidays everyone!!

Friday, December 07, 2012

Evening Entertainment

It doesn't take much to entertain us these days.  Our little rug rat keeps us laughing all the time as he becomes more and more like a little human.  I realize that some of his antics are probably not all that entertaining to outsiders, but as his parents, we are quite enthralled.  We spend most evenings at home just delighting in watching Isaac do his thing.

Here are some recent videos of his goofiness.  When witnessing him in person, each episode gets funnier as his silly behavior  escalates.  Of course, by the time we pull out the camera, he tends to tone it down a bit.  Still fun, though.....

Big Box from Julie Anderson on Vimeo.

Funny story about the above video:  Isaac was repeatedly going over to his toy shelf, getting a toy, and then taking it to the box.  He had made at least 15 or so trips back and forth when Matt decided to help him out by moving the broom stick out of his path.  Isaac did not think that was helpful.  He immediately put the broom right back in place.  Apparently he liked the obstacle it presented on each trip.

Blah blah, blah blah from Julie Anderson on Vimeo.