Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bikes for Five!

Back in early May, we celebrated Isaac turning 5!
Happy birthday, big boy!!

We gathered with friends at the park for a bike-themed party.

Isaac helped make his cake which
he was very excited to decorate with M&M's.

I love this series of photos....

A smug Isaac with his birthday cake and a curious little brother.

Uuuhh . . . what are you doing to my cake???

I'm just gonna move this right over here.

We had so many wonderful friends come out to celebrate Isaac.
In the above picture, Isaac's school buddy, Noel,
seems to be the only photogenic one.

Boys, boys!

More boys, and sweet Charlie.
She rules the roost among all these guys.

Mitch stealing the shot.

My wonderful, dear friend Gracy, her sweet children Yulia and Symon,
and Caden trying to steal the shot.

Crazy, fun Arlo.

The kids had a blast riding bikes around the obstacle course that dad made.
It included ramps, jumps, and the very popular teeter totter.

Yulia wins the style points.

Jasper.....this kid kills it on the bike!


Mr. Casual

Flyin' Symon!

Isaac trying out his brand new pedal bike--thank you, Gran!!!

He's still pretty comfortable on the trusty old balance bike.

Happy birthday Isaac!!
We sure do love you and can't wait to see what adventures
and growth this next year holds for you.

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