Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Bend Getaway

 In early March, we had the pleasure of spending a fantastic weekend in Bend with some of our new baby family friends.  We rented a nice house that very well accommodated 6 adults, 3 babies (collective age 24 months), and 1 big dog.  The babies had ample floor space on which to play while the parents found much enjoyment in the spacious hot tub.  For early March, we had great weather in the beautiful Oregon high desert.  To fill the time, we hiked, cooked scrumptious food, visited several local brew pubs, soaked in the tub, relaxed, ate a lot of food, and of course, played with babies.  Matt and I even got to sneak out for a bike ride while Isaac stayed with the others.  It was a terrific weekend that helped recharge my soul to get through the rest of winter (spring is trying to make its way!!).  
Here are pics from our trip--I know it's a lot, but I had a really hard time choosing!

Hike along the Deschutes River:
All of the above hiking pictures were taken by David and Leah.  Thanks for beautifully capturing the day!

These guys are the greatest Dads!
Matt has recently begun trying to mimic Isaac's expressions
eh, close
 And I think we make pretty good Mamas:

 Trail lunch:
Not too sure about the mush out of a pouch that Dad is serving up
Oh, but Dad makes it so fun
Plenty of distractions
Watch out for the baby-eating tree!
Super families:

Back at the house. . .
Chef David at work
Leah steps in to offer guidance
Matt doing his part to help out in the kitchen?
Kelly supervises from the couch

Meanwhile, the babies just sit around being cute:
Supervised play
Won't be long before Maggie is hanging with the big kids
Chef Matt preparing a breakfast feast
Those awesome Dads again.  I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when the three of them, each pushing a babe in stroller, walked into the brew pub and were greeted with a look of "You've got to be kidding." The women were dutifully shopping at the time.
Moms doing their part
 Let's face it, the highlight of the weekend was the little ones.  If only we could get all three looking at once...

It was such a wonderful weekend, and I am so grateful for the new friends in my life!!  I would love to make Bend an annual tradition.