Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Isaac's First Cake!

We officially celebrated Isaac's 1st birthday a little early during Gran's recent visit. Before the birthday event, there had been much discussion about whether we would give Isaac a standard birthday cake chock-full of sugar or go with a more nutritious (or at least less sugary) alternative.  Honestly, I was rooting for the full-blown cake while Dad was pulling for a bran muffin option.  Guess who won? I was the one doing the baking after all (with assistance from Gran).  Chocolate on chocolate it was, and it was YUMMY!  At least the adults thought so.  Isaac was more into you will see...

Eating the cake was a multi-stage process. 
 Stage 1:  Tentatively taste the foreign food.

Okay, it's not so bad.  Try a little more.

Stage 2:  This stuff is sticky and gooey.  Might be more fun to play with it.

Oh yeah, the chair needs a little decor.

Stage 3:  Isaac realizes he has a large audience with all eyes on him, and the show begins.

Completely hamming it up for his guests.

Showing off for his adoring fans was definitely Isaac's favorite part of cake-eating.

The birthday baby crew: Isaac (11.5 months), Everette (6.5 months), Maggie (6.5 months), Bella (10.5 months)

Thank you so much to our dear friends and family who helped us celebrate our sweet little one.  I am so sad I will not be here to watch the other sweet babies indulge on their birthdays.  Mamas, you will have to share lots of pics!