Thursday, January 31, 2013


We just returned from a nice vacation visiting my side of the family.  We first went to Ohio and spent a long weekend at Dad and Mary Ellen's.  Daniel got to come home for a bit, and the Josh/Amy crew also joined us.  We don't have many chances to all be together, so it was really nice.  We marked the occasion by going out to have a family portrait made.  We also celebrated late Christmas and a birthday, enjoyed family play time together, were treated to scrumptious meals, and enjoyed a nightly fix of the best ice cream ever.  Oh, and Matt and I scored the newly remodeled, primo master suite.  Life was pretty good in Ohio. :)

Then it was on to Tennessee to stay with Mom and Rudy.  The visit there included lots of mom's good cooking as well as quality family time, basketball spectating, abundant outside play, intense corn hole matches, catching up with an old friend, and free teeth cleanings courtesy of our very own, highly professional periodontist (can't beat that!).   Of course, much of the fun involved the Hethcoxes--we enjoyed even more time with them on this leg of the trip.  I love going home to my mom's.  Somehow, there's just nothing else that's quite the same as living in mom's care.  It's kind of nice to be the kid at home instead of the mom in charge.  I also love being in East TN.  That place will always be so special to me.  It wraps me in a sense of belonging every time I'm there.  Sadly, we didn't make it to the mountains this trip, but I enjoyed the views and feeling of having them nearby.

It's sweet to be with family and sad to be apart.  We miss all of you and love you dearly.  Thanks for a wonderful visit.

A few highlights from the trip with an album of snapshots at the end:

masterminds at work
cousin love
work to do
showing off  (look at that sunset!)
my sweet mom
happy hanging with Gran
Picasa album (even more snapshots):

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  1. Josh and Amy HethcoxJanuary 31, 2013 at 6:50 PM

    Pictures are great! It was even greater to spend time with you! love ya!

    Josh and Amy