Friday, May 30, 2014

Arkansas 2014

What a wonderful trip to Arkansas!  Getting the whole family there together is quite a feat, and I am so glad we made it happen!  We've only done so once before, and this time there were a couple new babies in the mix.  We enjoyed playing, relaxing, catching up, and mostly taking care of little ones, together.  It was good to be with family and to be back "home".

Caden's first plane trip, and Isaac's first time in his very own seat (Ouch! That hurts the ole pocket book).

Nana and her babies.

Grandpa and his boys.

All three grandchildren, all orally fixated.

That wall of green . . . the Ozark jungle . . . I love it!  Spring was a wonderful time to be there (and not in Wyoming)--it was so lush and green and not yet too hot and humid.  In fact, we experienced some unusually cooler temps which just made it that much nicer to be tucked inside Steve and Mary's cozy log house in the woods.  I also loved the warm days in the house with windows open, being constantly serenaded by a symphony of bugs and birds.  

Obligatory family photos.

Sending off their baby yet again, this time to Idaho for wildland firefighting.

While we were there, Isaac turned 3!  He shared a birthday cupcake with Uncle Steve early since he would miss the party the next day.

Uncle Steve is always good for laughs.

And he gave a sweet birthday present.

We celebrated Isaac's birthday with a little party at the park.

 Happy birthday to our precious boy!!!

This cake was on the brink of being the ugliest birthday cake ever (not one of my best creations).  Thankfully Matthew stepped in and saved it a bit.

Isaac didn't seem to mind.  He thought it was delicious, and he liked the blue and green frosting which he had requested.  He also liked the big 3.

Cake wasn't enough . . .he had to have a cupcake also.

Thank goodness for a little girl!

Whoa . . . big present.

Dad trying out the plasma car.

More presents.

A doctor kit.  He would be happy to fix you.

Playing by the creek.

For his birthday, Nana and Grandpa sent Isaac on a train ride.  We rode from Van Buren back to Winslow (where they forgot to let us off the train.)  Isaac was thrilled with the experience.  He is still talking about the long dark tunnel we went through and all the things he saw out the window.  Thanks Nana and Grandpa!!

Getting ready to go.

We saw cows and creeks and ponds and trees and bridges and cars and logging locos and schools and houses....

Tuckered out from all the excitement.


I can't decide which family photo I like best, so here's another.
Thanks for a wonderful week!  We love ya'll!!

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