Friday, September 12, 2014

Trip To The Tetons

Over Labor Day weekend, we camped in Teton National Park in the Signal Mt Campground, right on Jackson Lake.  The scenery was beautiful despite some cold and wet conditions.  On Sunday, it rained enough to force us to retreat to Jackson for half the day.

Grand Teton in the mist

Our camp spot, complete with new truck (which makes camping possible once again)!!

When we first arrived at our camp site, Isaac was very curious about the narrow trench dug around the tent pad.  Matt explained to him that when it rains, the trench fills with water and diverts it away from tents.  Isaac then became very focused on wanting to see water flowing in the small ditch.  He was not disappointed when we returned to camp on Sunday to find a water-filled trench--a perfect spot for his new boat!

Isaac was very excited that his new boat came with a little boat for Caden. 
What a sweet, thoughtful brother.

Caden investigates the dirt


 Caden loves peaches

And mom loves his adorable face

Did ya know a toothless grin could be so charming??

 Food beware!

We might have given him a slice of pizza (probably not Dr.'s orders for a 7-month old).

Testing his boat on real waters

And then riding on a real boat!

Thank goodness on Monday the sun broke out, and the weather was gorgeous.  We finally got to enjoy a lovely hike which had been our plan for Sunday.  We hiked from Jenny Lake up to Inspiration Point and beyond into Cascade Canyon.  We took the boat ferry across Jenny Lake, cutting out a 2-mile hike around the shoreline, so that we could explore some more interesting terrain.

A well-deserved ice cream treat after a good hike.

Two days of questionable weather and being cramped in a tiny camper with two tired, often whiny, little boys almost drove mom and dad to the end of our patience.  Good thing our last day was so enjoyable.  Otherwise, we might not attempt another two-night camping trip until the boys are, oh, let's say, teenagers.  And even then we'll stick them in a tent. 

Overall, it was a great trip, and as always, I cherish the memories made with my boys.

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