Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tennessee Bound, Bound, Bound!

In April we got to spend a week soaking up
Gran's little piece of paradise in East Tennessee.

As always, it was wonderful spending time with her and all the family.
Plus the timing was great for us...we needed a vacation to recharge.
I had just wrapped up my first tax season working for a CPA,which means
we had just survived our first stint as a family with two parents working full-time (I'd say we did pretty well!).
Soon family life will feel hectic once again with Matt being in the throws of his busy work season
and the summer "GO, GO!" routine in full swing.
It was nice to have time to relax together as a family and with family!

We enjoyed lots of time hanging out and romping at Gran's house.
The weather was gorgeous, and we played outside a lot.

Matt squeezed in a few chores for Mom.
This one involved a rooftop and hornets.....little scary!

The boys LOVED having full-time Daddy for a whole week.

In their happy place.

Of course, the Hethcoxes got to sneak out to Gran's a couple of times.
It's so nice having them back in East TN!

Lauren has grown up so much!

A trip to Tennessee wouldn't be complete without a hike in the Smokies.
With the boys along, this hike was more like a short stroll, 
but I loved being in those woods nonetheless.

"Should I go to the top?"

Practicing his rock skills 
so he can keep up with Dad one day.


Toddler mini-meltdown.

Tarzan in action.
I think Isaac is saying, "Dad, come back down!"

Dogwoods in the woods.

Back at Gran's, 
there was plenty of time for chillin',


and treats.

Caden's first popsicle.
He's a fan.

We loved spending time with Josh, Amy, Nathan, & Lauren.
There's nothing quite the same as being with family.

Bean bag stealer on the loose.


We celebrated Isaac's upcoming 4th birthday.

Matthew got a hold of the camera and commenced
a mission to photograph everyone looking their best while eating cupcakes.

They must taste even better when it's YOUR birthday.

Even those suspecting Matt's shenanigans weren't spared.

Nor were the unabashed.

Amy is a brave soul to be going in for this kiss.

Playing in the golf cart.

Gotta see what big brother's doing.

Busy, busy.

Sprinkler fun.

Watching dad use the chainsaw to do chores for Gran.

Isaac decided to try his hand at photography for the first time.
He took the above photo and the next four.

He did a pretty good job of photo documenting the family.

He even got his brother's good side.

My sweet, wonderful mom and bro.

It was a lovely time of year to be in Knoxville where
we enjoyed hanging at Josh and Amy's lovely home.

Maple helicopters.


Sweet cousins.

Loopy on the ride back to Gran's house.

Another Isaac photo.

And to finish off.....a couple of videos of the boys and Gran groovin':

Ouch! That last step is pretty much Cade's M.O.
He's a bruiser.

Thanks for a wonderful visit, family!!! We love you.

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