Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A Moab Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving last year (better late then never on sharing!),
we met up with Nana, Grandpa, and Uncle Steve in Moab.
It was our first time to visit Moab, and we loved exploring the area.

It was really special to share that first time experience with Nana and Grandpa
who also love the area.  They made great tour guides since they had spent time there before.
Highlights of the trip included great hikes, some really fun mountain biking,
discovering dino tracks and petroglyphs, and enjoying Thanksgiving with family.
 Nana helped the boys begin a tradition of recording their adventures in
their own National Parks passports.  What a treasure those will be as they
grow up and keep track of all the national parks they've visited.
We've got some traveling to do!

Hanging with Nana at the rental house.

Our first day exploring Arches National Park.
We were fortunate to have great weather.

Such cool landscapes!

Climbing Andersons

Waving Andersons

We love our Uncle Steve!

Delicate Arch

Fiery Furnace

Rim hike in Canyonlands National Park

Warm sand and rocks are hard to resist.

Three wise men

Isaac was very proud of his deadwood sculpture.

Chilling at the house.

Uncle Steve is always good for entertainment.

On our second day in Arches, we all set out on a hike to Double O Arch.
The little boys were not tolerating the cold, biting wind, so they turned around
with Dad and Nana.  I was lucky to get to enjoy the hike with
Steve and Stephen.
It was awesome (and windy)!

It's hard to tell from the picture, but the wind was seriously whipping up here!!

At times, I felt I could be blown right off this spine.

Cool fins

Pretty red rock

Double O Arch

Hiking back down--
I loved traversing these spines!

Landscape Arch

What a splendid trip! Thanks Nana and Grandpa (Mom and Dad)
and Stephen for sharing such a fun adventure with us!

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