Sunday, December 18, 2011


As a new parent, I've managed to avoid creating a blog for almost 7 months, and now I'm caving.  I've decided this would be a fun and easy way to share photos and videos with folks who are interested, especially when I just want to quickly post one or two pics from a fun weekend or such.  So, here goes!

Last weekend, we ventured out for Isaac's first Christmas parade (or parade of any kind).  Isaac was pretty excited watching the cars, trucks, and flashing lights go by.

Isaac had the best viewing spot

We also took Isaac for his first swim over the weekend. He loved it!

I think Dad had a pretty good time also

Isaac was a pro at splashing, not so much at being dunked.  We tried a few times, but after he got a mouthful of water, we were content to let him keep his head above water.

(This post is actually from early December.  I tried a couple of different blogs before settling on this one and am reposting to it.)