Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lookout Mountain

Fall hikes are good for the soul.  
 This was no exception.

Almost to the top.

Wind River Mountains stretch across the horizon.

On top of Lookout Mountain, 10,330 feet.
Wyoming Range.

25 weeks preggo--just shy of 6 months!

Checking out a cool plant.

A wonderful hike ended with a trip to the vet to restore poor Doogie's face.  He tangled with a porcupine just as we decided to leave the mountain top and head back down.  When he first ran up to us, he had about twice as many quills in his snout as you see in the picture.  We managed to pull some of them, but he was not very cooperative (can't blame him).  We knew there was no way we were going to extract the ones in his mouth without sedating him.  So, to the vet we went.  In addition to the quills in his face, she pulled about a dozen out of his tongue and the roof of his mouth.  While I felt bad for the poor pup, I do hope he learned his lesson.  I don't want to pay for too many more emergency vet visits!

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