Thursday, April 10, 2014

3-month Picture Dump

Caden is already 3 months old--I can't believe it!  I had hoped to share several blog posts in that time since he is growing and changing so fast, but I just haven't gotten around to them.  Imagine that.  So, here is a recap of the last month-and-a-half or so.  Lots of baby goodness to soak up....

late February

bundled up for a family walk

Caden is tucked inside

2 months old

Hanging with my boys at home--we do a lot of that these days.

little builder

The sweet Garden Club ladies had a shower for me and Kari.  Her little bundle is due in mid May.

sometimes he's a bit confused about who is the baby of the house


the spider was my favorite of Isaac's shirts, and I am enjoying it again

sweet brothers--they adore one another

someone is excited to be playing outside again

3 months old, laughing and smiling

loves his trains

Caden and I had a mini photo shoot

Duhgus likes to get in on the action toes

2 in diapers....looking forward to the end of that

his chunkiness

When Dad bundled up to go outside and scoop poop, Isaac decided to do the same, but inside.

We are thrilled to finally have a sand box!  Matt finished it last weekend.  Isaac loves it.

We are loving being able to play in our yard once again.  The snow in the main yard has completely melted.  There's only the ice berm left.

We are placing bets as to when the berm will disappear completely.  So far we have these guesses:
Me -- June 15
Matthew -- June 1
Mary -- May 18
Any other wagers?

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