Friday, July 20, 2012

Rendezvous Spirit

Rendezvous Parade

Well, it's official.  We are true Pinedalians.  We have experienced Rendezvous.

The original Rendezvous days occurred in the early 1800's during the height of the fur trade.  Rendezvous was an annual summer gathering at which trappers (mountain men), native Americans, travelers, and suppliers from the east came together to barter, sell, and trade their goods and to enjoy companionship and revelry.  Today, the mountain men are revered as a rugged breed.  They spent most of the year in solitude in the Rocky Mountains, battling harsh weather and other perils of wilderness life, while engaging in dangerous and hard work.  The Rendezvous was a welcome reprieve, providing time for them to socialize, sell and trade pelts, recharge their spirits, and gather supplies for the upcoming year. 

Pinedale is located in the heart of Rendezvous country.  Of the original 16 Rendezvous, 6 were held near Pinedale in the Green River Valley.

Today, Pinedale celebrates Rendezvous and its mountain men each summer with a weekend-long festival.  Pinedale's present Rendezvous celebration is the biggest weekend of the summer.  Festivities are numerous and varied.  All weekend long, the town is alive with numerous happenings including live music, mountain men demonstrations, children's activities, Indian encampments, vendor booths, trader's row, competitions, such as the women's frying pan toss and sports games, Native American dances, barbeques, and covered wagon rides.  Some of the highlights of the weekend are the parade, the rodeo (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights!), and the pageant,  a reenactment of the original Rendezvous.  By no means did we experience all of Rendezvous, but we did manage to get out for a long day on Saturday to enjoy some of the festivities.  Next year, I hope to make it to the pageant.

Enjoy the pics from our day.....

First time meeting an authentic Mountain Man.

 Excited about horses, a big truck, a dog . . . ????

 Isaac's new favorite pastime--walking with assistance.

 This is Isaac dancing.

 And smiling?

A late afternoon downpour sent everyone fleeing from the music show we had been enjoying.  Isaac didn't mind -- he loved playing in the streams of water.

Back at home, Isaac was so exhausted that eating required the comfort of Hoppy's companionship.
It wasn't long before he recovered and was once again his happy, playful self.  

Rendezvous is always the second weekend in July.  Who's joining us next year?????