Monday, June 03, 2013

Bonks and Babbbyyyyy

Over Memorial Day weekend, we drove to Washington to visit Mike and Emily and meet our sweet new niece.  Overall, we had a great trip, except for a 24-hour period we could have done without.  After driving two days to get there, on our first morning in Wenatchee, Isaac took a grand fall that left him with a fractured skull, a concussion, a beauty of a shiner, and 24 hours in the hospital.  That was stressful!  After recovering from that shake-up, we still got to enjoy a couple of days with Mike and Emily.  It was fun to see them as new parents.  They seem really happy, and we are happy for them.  They are such a sweet little family.

Enjoy the many pics....

on the road.  Doogie even got to make the trip
Hello Montana (and I thought Wyo was the land of never-spring!)
spent one night in Missoula with friends Brian, Mary, and baby Mia

Isaac and Mia were fast friends--he's pretty fond of anyone who shares his love of dump trucks

hospital play--not exactly how I'd planned to spend our time
swollen eye, bruised forehead
he thinks that since he's had his first concussion, might as well start playing football
Isaac seemed to misconstrue the mood of the occasion
that's more like it
hard headed
taking a break
my poor, sweet boy
back at the house, happy to be reunited with his cars
finally soaking up some much needed baby time

proud papa

brothers and their babes
happy family
they can be a serious bunch

baby goodness

there was A LOT of this

back in the car for the looooong trip home
Kindle to the rescue (thanks Kari!!)

yeah, driving, all day
15-hr travel day and this crew did awesome!

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